The Art of Hearst Castle

The following is a narrative transcript from “The Art of Life with Dr. Jill Thayer,” a weekly podcast on Voice of Paso Internet radio on the California Central Coast. Programs air at :10 past the hour at 6am – 9am. Research, text, and narrative content, © 2001-2018, Hearst Castle, California State Parks. All rights reserved. Narrative compilation […]

Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass – The Perceptual Allure

“Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass – The Perpeptual Allure,” by Jill Thayer, Ph.D., Contributing writer, was included in ARTVOICES 10th Anniversary Issue, Spring 2019 from a book essay for Lauren Mendlessohn-Bass, “On The Verge of Domestication,” ARTVOICES Art Books, Los Angeles, June 2017.

“A Conversation with Grace Pucci, El Paso de Robles Area Historical Society,” by Jill Thayer, Ph.D.

Audio Interview Podcast: A Conversation with Grace Pucci, Paso Robles Historical Society Promo Part 1: History Part 2: Archives of R.J. Arnold Part 3: Community Full Interview The following interview is a narrative transcript from my conversation with Grace Pucci, Past President and longtime volunteer of El Paso de Robles Area Historical Society. Grace shares the work of the historical society at […]

Diego Santanelli – Resilience

By Jill Thayer, Ph.D., Contributing Writer, ARTPULSE Magazine, Miami, June, 2016 8 April – 25 June 2016, Canale Diaz Art Center, Coral Gables “My work is precisely the result of that interaction between the artist and the medium with which he works, between the individual and the world that surrounds him. Through this gesture, I attempt to recount my personal story, presenting it […]

Mario Bursztein – Reveries in Form

By Jill Thayer, Ph.D., Contributing Art Historian/Scholar; book essay for Argentine artist Mario Bursztein. “My oeuvre is a fluid, technological brush-stroke, a studied structure, a virtual geometry tinged by movement. It is the summation of a long, never-ending quest.” – Mario Bursztein Mario Bursztein creates a visual language exploring the formal constructs of art and the […]

Artist Emergence in Contemporary Culture

By Jill Thayer, Ph.D. In my doctoral dissertation, “Artist Emergence in Contemporary Culture: A Dialectic in Social and Material Conditions of Southern California Artists” (Claremont Graduate University, 2011), I looked at factors of artist success. In it, I interviewed artists, gallerists, curators, critics, auction house directors, graduate arts management program staff, and others in the […]