The Face of Intrigue: A Conversation with Tabitha Whitley

AV-Summer2015-TabithaWhitley_1 July 2015 Written by Jill Thayer, Ph.D. for ARTVOICES Magazine, Summer Issue “I believe painting something because you enjoy doing it is best reason to.” ~ Tabitha Whitley Growing up in New York City, Tabitha Whitley explores the cultural narratives of identity construction and interconnection. Her aesthetic sensibilities bring a confluence of fashion, science, and anthropology that […]

The Quotidian Landscape: A Conversation with Susan Stillman

June 2015 Written by Jill Thayer, Ph.D. for ARTVOICES Magazine, Summer Issue “Light has always been a major protagonist for me. The most ordinary scenes of everyday life are transformed by its evanescence, and something overlooked can momentarily turn into an image that demands to be captured.”       The landscape paintings of Susan Stillman are a confluence […]

Artists, Alliances, and Guggenheim Recipient Jeff Colson

“The best mirror is an old friend.”  –George Herbert Throughout my transdisciplinary endeavors and research into the mechanisms of artist emergence, I am elated to learn when an artist friend achieves career recognition. One such individual is Jeff Colson, a noted contemporary artist represented by Ace Galllery, Beverly Hills, California. Jeff, his brother Greg Colson, also […]