Artist Emergence and The Art Market

Narrative transcript: “Artist Emergence and the Art Market” from “The Art of Life” with Dr. Jill Thayer, a podcast on Voice of Paso Internet radio on the Central Coast of California. Podcast audio: This subject evolved from my doctoral dissertation, “Artist Emergence in Contemporary Culture: A Dialectic in Social and Material Conditions of Southern California […]

Confidence or Consequence

How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Are you confident, poised, and ready to tackle life’s challenges? Or do you second-guess your efforts believing you don’t measure up? Perhaps you feel as if you’re only as good as your last job (or painting). The latter is an all too familiar trait in artists […]

Connecting Past and Present

Pomona, Spectacle, and Performance. As Pacific Standard Time, the Getty initiative continues to celebrate the emergence of the LA art scene, work from a myriad of art genres between 1945 and 1980 transpire in featured collaborations of cultural institutions in Southern California. Performance and large-scale sculptures by noted artists during this period are showcased January […]

Constructs of Emergence

In an endless trek to define a clear path of success and its revelations for an artist that is, I encounter extraordinary individuals who shed light to the journey, unpacking characteristics inherent to the human condition. I came across the work of Positive Psychologist Angela Duckworth, Ph.D., known for her original, widely heralded research on […]

Into the World

What defines Artist Emergence? How does one become an artist and what informs this personal path and career direction? How do artists navigate this real-time, streaming media revolution and information overload that is now a bi-product of our society? This complicated notion of emergence has many factors. Aside from childhood background, education, and experience, the […]